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More than 50 000 reviews
Over 2 000 000 installs

Period tracker: cycle calendar

All you need to keep your periods under control!

The app makes accurate predictions of period (even in case of irregular cycles), calculates ovulation days and highlights fertile and safe days in the calendar. All the predictions are being automatically updated to make sure that you get the most accurate information you can possibly get.

To make user experience even more pleasant we added such features as convenient reminders and illustrative statistics.

It’s a great tool to track menstrual cycles and symptoms easily.

I love this app and swear by it! I've kept this app for multiple years and it's never wrong! It's also really neat to look back at the stored data.

More than 10 000 reviews
Over 500 000 installs

Pregnancy tracker week by week

A good way to reduce anxiety and enjoy months of pregnancy.

We created an app that is very easy to use, yet contains everything you might need during pregnancy: gestational date, countdown to due date, kicks count, contractions timer, short descriptions about what’s going on each week and lovely fruit size comparisons.

Besides, the app can be used as a multifunctional tracker or diary where you can log symptoms, mood, weight changes, add pictures and set reminders to keep track and keep everything under control without any stress.

It's awesome. Everything to help you track/document your journey

More than 2 000 reviews
Over 30 000 installs

Daily horoscope, astrology

It\’s always nice to be prepared for what’s coming, right?

This beautiful app is here to help prepare for upcoming events: it will notify of favorable times for new beginnings, inform of promising opportunities and warn of potential dangers. It contains horoscopes cast by professional astrologers for all Zodiac signs and various time periods, descriptions of personalities and compatibility data. The app can be used to make plans accordingly, better understand yourself and build stronger relationships.

With this app you’ll be aware of what the future has in store for you.

I feel like the readings are very relatable to me and it also helps with my children and work and love.

More than 300 000 reviews
Over 15 000 000 installs

Cleaner - clean the phone, memory, cache & booster

Great all-in-one solution for multiple problems!

Just one app - so many features: removal of garbage and unnecessary files, efficient phone acceleration and cooling, a very convenient file manager, wireless connecting the phone to any device for transferring data, desktop wallpapers and so much more!

We value your time so we created an app that is very easy to use: install it, give your phone a boost and enjoy your phone running smoothly and fast!

The absolute best junk & memory cleaner and speed/performance enhancement app I've tried!

More than 170 000 reviews
Over 10 000 000 installs

Antivirus - viruses protection, security, VPN

Viruses do not just apply to humans, they also apply to any Internet-connected device.

Antivirus - viruses protection, security, VPN is here to keep your phone and your private information secure from online dangers.

The app scans, detects and deletes viruses on your device. It’s a reliable and trustworthy protection against all kinds of potential threats: hacker attacks, viruses, trojans, malware, spyware, adware, etc.

With Antivirus app you can relax and use your device with total peace of mind.

It is superior to most in the playstore currently

More than 110 000 reviews
Over 3 000 000 installs

Clean phone, cache & junk, booster, optimizer

A very powerful app for smartphone performance optimization.

Think of getting a new phone since your current device is slow? Before spending money on a new one try the app! It will improve performance of the device and make sure that the phone is at its most efficient and easy-to use.

The app is easy-to use, it frees up space of device memory, optimizes system usage and substantially boosts mobile device performance!

Install the app and you’ll be surprised by the performance of your phone!

Inceedible! I am so glad I downloaded this. My phone was slow and apps froze. I thought my phone was dieing. I used this app. The phone is now smooth and quick. I recommend this app. It's easy to use.

More than 200 reviews
Over 10 000 installs

Scanner PDF, document scanner

Multifunctional tool in your mobile phone.

The app will help you quickly and easily scan any documents, digitalize, edit them and smart text recognition will let you save documents in any convenient format and share them within just a few clicks. Working with both printed and digital documents has never been so easy before! WIth it you can scan, convert, edit, use text recognition in multiple languages, convert pictures to text and so much more.

With this app you will leave stationary scanners behind for good.

I've used it and it is exactly what I wanted! Perfect documents saved as PDF.

More than 800 reviews
Over 50 000 installs

QR code & barcode scanner

An app that makes work with QR codes and barcodes easy.

We created a convenient app for any tasks related to QR codes and barcodes: you can use it both to scan codes and to generate them. To save your precious time we made this app really time-effective: it works very quickly, reads all types of codes you might need, moreover it saves history, automatically opens links if you please and shares data with just a few taps if needed.

With this app you’ll be able to use QR and barcodes to its fullest.

This app has been great. Very easy to use. Has scanned everything that I have used it for. Added bonus is it's free!

More than 100 reviews
Over 1 000 installs

Color by number, coloring

Sometimes we all need time for ourselves.

Designed both for adults and children this is a great drawing app: you can choose pictures you like and one by one paint by number according to the coloring numbers on the pictures. Every day our designers create lovely images to please users with new pictures of different themes and colors. Coloring by number is considered an effective way to relax, and that’s something we all need from time to time.

With this app you can take a break from stress with the help of art.

I actually like the app a lot! The pictures are really nice and the coloring process really calms me down.

More than 1 000 reviews
Over 50 000 installs

Step counter - pedometer

This app is literally the easiest and most fun way to be in good shape!

Perfect solution for those who want to be in good shape but find the process of counting steps complicated and boring. The app will automatically calculate the number of steps taken, the distance traveled, as well as the number of calories burned while walking! And playful corgi will become the best partner in your active lifestyle that will certainly cheer you up and reward you for your success!

With our Corgi, walking will definitely become pleasant!

This is so CUTE! It counts the steps and the Corgi really motivates! I started walking more now and it’s such a pleasant surprise!

More than 5 000 reviews
Over 400 000 installs

VPN - secure, fast, unlimited

Ultimate and easy way to access all websites and services with just one touch.

Lots of free and servers all around the world for your security and anonymity online, full websites access, surprisingly fast streaming and gaming and so much more. And you can get it all in just one simple tap.

We created a very powerful tool which is incredibly easy to use. No muss, no fuss!

Of all the VPNs, this is one of the few that works well. Connects immediately and seamlessly!

More than 117 000 reviews
Over 9 000 000 installs

VPN - fast proxy + secure

One mobile app that will change your experience online once and for all.

Forget about restrictions, blocked websites and social networks, slow and unstable connections, annoying buffering... Enjoy private and anonymous browsing and be sure that you cannot be tracked! Sounds nice, doesn’t it?

Install the app and you will never want to come back to the times when you didn’t use it!

Very simple, turn it on and off, it chooses the country itself, no settings required!

More than 40 reviews
Over 20 000 installs

Applock - lock apps - pin lock

Helps you protect your privacy in various apps of your choice.

Social networks, contacts, messages, calls, settings - select any app you want to protect, choose one of two types of blocking and make sure that your personal data will never be exposed to your friends, family members or intruders.

With this mobile app you and your apps are safe and sound anywhere anytime.

I'd highly recommend it. This is the second applock I tried and I never looked further!